Digital log dedicated to Slovak 2016 Presidency of Council of European Union. Unofficial.

Portal dedicated to Slovak 2016 Presidency of Council of European Union.
Portal dedicated to Slovak 2016 Presidency of Council of European Union.

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  2. Great meeting with , expressed full support to upcoming Slovak presidency of Council

  3. Less than 80 days to : patrols harrass and people in state-owned .

  4. woman with a child attacked and insulted in daytime . More at

  5. Benefit of clear 4us already now:many topics&suggested solutions will land on our table as

  6. hopes will help with solutions 4institutions to tackle problems &provide inspiration for

  7. The vast majority of want to in , shows latest poll by magazine.

  8. Mein Beileid für Verlust von H.D.:einer der wichtigsten Persönlichkeiten moderner DE Geschichte & Weltdiplomatie

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  9. victim of attack.2nd time in less than one month ;(Know more at (IP ) included

  10. Who was, or is, the best Slovak president? Click here: and participate in 1st

  11. Deeply shocked and upset by events in this morning. My thoughts go to all affected.

  12. FM Frick & Slovak FM discussed priorities of imminent Slovak EU-Presidency & migration

  13. opening speech to be given by

  14. : and agree to define as priority of new government.

  15. Adding our voice 2EU-wide deploration of ,Slovakia sharply condemns the attack,Xpresses solidarity&sympathy w/

  16. EU commends Rep Freedom of 4 her exemplary professionalism integrity, impartiality & dedication

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  18. See concrete results from 789 EU-funded projects in Europe & the world

  19. Gender, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation. Diverse&different - but does it matter? Respect & tolerate!

  20. Benefits of completion could amount to over €651 billion per year, more than NL GDP!

  21. () and (Jan Pociatek) ministers allegedly tied to europe-wide .

  22. nears deals up to in , says. Key to success: . More at and

  23. Slovak university staff massively joins for 's .Will notice ? More at

  24. swiftly reacts to official of Slovak Presidency of European Concil

  25. @SlovakMFA aims to engage and in presidency with 320.000eur scheme, read more at

  26. Prime Minister signals potential collapse of during slovak eu presidency

  27. up 6.4% in #2016 and +36.6% in last 12 months

  28. earn 4-times less than their colleagues from . initiated. More at

  29. Few days left until Akkoord - Opening concert of the Trio Presidency with .

  30. Translated from French by

  31. Nice, simple & responsive. Congratulations!

  32. Potemkin's fixes for presidency. Roads that diplomats use to be fixed, others left in disrepair.

  33. ex Prime Minister prof. answers the question: Is Slovakia in the ? Exclusively for

  34. From 1st participation at towards 1st . Shall be known as Slovakia's ?

  35. Ministry of indirectly threatens participants of strike-like Initiative

  36. May You slowly and steadily revive the strength of Europe. May You gradually ignite new hope for Earth. Bravo!

  37. Slovak 2016 Presidency of European Council NGO website prepares to go mobile:

  38. Slovak parliament passes a constitutional amendment with significant impact on human rights

  39. Slovak Deputy Prime Minister addresses and praises Arab

  40. Consterne par laches , triste pour victimes & solidaire avec dans la lutte contre

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  41. French intellectuals criticize Slovak Prime Minister for his fear-inducing reaction to Paris tragedy

  42. In the aftermath of Paris tragedy, Slovak PM implicitly associates refugees with terrorists

  43. Slovakia ignores refugee quotas

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  44. Citizens commemorate the murdered student, Slovak police interrupts the prosecution

  45. IT professionals call for paradigm shift in informatization of slovak society

  46. The project SK PRES 2016 NGO launches its facebook profile:

  47. Looking fwd to discussing w in this morning!

  48. Is state-funded startup conference worth of 2% of overall SKPRES2016 or does Slovakia have a problem?

  49. Slovak NGOs concerned about multi-billion over-pricing of Bratislava bypass

  50. President Kiska delivered a speech before MPs of the Slovak National Council on position of SK in Europe.

  51. "Great news: to hold European summit of Regions next year in Bratislava during "

  52. very active agenda. Lets push it forward and ensure Trio success - CC

  53. Slovak EU presidency will bring the country a more convenient connection with Brussels

  54. môže byť 1 z tém slovenského predsedníctva

  55. For it’s a question of life or death. For us in Slovakia, it’s a battle for the heart and soul of our country

  56. Migration-concerning Statement of Heads of Governments of Visegrad Countries

  57. Slovak rating raised to A+ by Standard & Poor’s.

  58. Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has announced the competition to design Slovakia’s logo for EU Presidency.

  59. Hello world. Initiating Slovak Republic's 2016 European Union Presidency 3rd sector tweet feed.