as a tactical medium
presentation made by
Daniel Devatman Hromada

for the purpose of
Progressbar presentation
27.9.2015, Bratislava, Slovakia, Union
SK PRES 2016
tactical medium
  • A form of media activism that privileges temporary, hit-and-run interventions in the media sphere over the creation of permanent and alternative media outlets.
  • Engage and critique the dominant political and economic order.
  • In the case of tactical medium, it is the medium itself which is the subject of a detournement.
  • Marshall McLuhan: "Medium is the Message"
Tactical Medium = Art + Activism + Medium + Goal &&
  • two EURid domains registered on 19.1.2015 for 3.99 eur each
  • is an alias for
  • static HTML with bootstrap.js responsive design
  • practically no authentic content, just copy & paste of interesting snippets "mined" from
  • all under CC BY-NC-SA licence
boostin' da Pagerank
  • (en|de|fr|...).wikipedia
  • main page
  • other personal profiles,
  • link to this event
  • that's practically all until now...
some trivial analytics
  • cca 1800 distinct users / month
  • cities: Brussels (16.4%), Bratislava (16.4%), Berlin (6%), Samara (WTF?? 3.7%), London (3.2%), Warsaw (2.2%), Prague, Vienna, Paris
  • bounce rate: 69.1%, returning visitors: 19.55%
  • and we still haven't fully unleashed the Kraken yet ;)
machine heatin' up
  • Google: rank 1 for queries "slovakia eu 2016", "slovak european union presidency" etc., rank 2 for queries like "slovak eu presidency"
  • Bing: more difficult nut to crack but slowly appearing (e.g. rank 7 for "slovakia european union presidency")
  • some nice backlinks emerging:
  • Mr. MGIMO l'Eurocommisaire and E.C. itself seem to like us
where to go from here?
  • authentic (peer-reviewed?) content
  • some CMS (kyberia? wordpress? wiki? openleaks? ckan?)
  • polls -> mailman -> mailing lists
  • backlinks from affiliated sites
  • fcbk?
  • magistrates ???
of magistries and ministries
  • a magistrate is a topic-specific subdomain
  • a magistrate is administered by its Magister
  • magistrate's content must not contradict the Codex
  • the group of all Magisters forms the Council
  • a magistrate is founded by its Magister's decision to adher to the Codex and approval by the Council
the Codex
  • Content-related principles: every subdomain is topic-specific; contents relate to both Slovakia and EU and are updated at least once every 23 days
  • Syndication principles: every subdomain provides RSS feed at fixed address (e.g.; every + at least one other external domain should link to main domain
  • Deontologic principles: no extremism, no hate-speech, no lies
the Council
  • every Magister has a right to vote in the Council
  • approves the foundation of new magistrates
  • approves the removal of magistrates potentially contradicting the Codex
  • determines the design choices concerning the main site
  • in case there is a tie in the voting, somebody (sir Harry Randomfactor?) should have the right of second vote in order to break the tie
the Goal, the Aim, the Objective
  • to help the weak ones
  • & support the wise and noble ones
  • to test our courage and learn how far we can go
  • & whistleblow the injustice and unveil how deep can some fall
thanks for Your attention

hromi at sk16 dot eu