Frequently Asked Questions concerning the dlog

What does bs mean?

Browserseconds (or "bs") is an intuitive metrics used for evaluation of popularity of a website or another digital medium. It is calculated by multiplying the number of visitors with the temporal duration of their visit. Thus,

1 bs = 1 visitor * 1 second
under such definition, 3600 bs are equivalent to 1 visitor browsing the site X during exactly one hour (one hour = 60 * 60 seconds = 3600) or to 3600 visitors visiting the site for one second, or to something in between (e.g. 60 visitors browsing for one minute etc...)

The notion of "browsersecond" was first introduced in May 2016 on the website of the project sk16. It is licenced under CC BY NC SA licence.

What does A.E. mean ?

AE means "Anno Epoche". It is a datation system for globalized informatic era which is supposed to replace older datation systems (e.g. A.D.) with a religion-agnostic standard.
AE reference date is 1st January 1970 A.D., also known as UNIX Epoch.
Epoch is a de facto standard reference date in all dominating programming languages and operating systems.

What is a difference between a blog and a dlog?

A binary log (a blog) is a piece of content which the blog's author disseminates through a certain medium with an intention to attract the interest of human and artificial agents which are presently active in the cyberspace.

A digital log (a dlog), however, is more than that: dlog is not only about content, but also about the medium itself which carries the message. Hence, dloggers do not just publish some content: dloggers deploy - in the most technical sense - a medium through which they shall disseminate their message.

In this sense, dlog is more similar to a tactical medium than an ordinary blog.

What is a tactical medium?

In theory, the terms tactical medium denotes a form of media activism that privileges temporary, hit-and-run interventions in the media sphere over the creation of permanent and alternative media outlets. Tactical media describes interventionist media art practices that engage and critique the dominant political and economic order. [Source]

In practice, TM artists deploy their technical skills in order to maximize the probability of occurrence of a certain cognitive and social transformation by means of contextualized dissemination of certain informations.

What? You said art? What does the SK PRES 2016 has to do with art?

Yes, art. Domains,, as well as their subdomains are to be understood as a piece of new media art, a sort of virtual Entropa.

But this is no art. Design of this website is prehistoric!

Check the source code young padawan and you will find there some nice jQuery and CSS-responsivity tricks. But otherwise, exclamations without the interrogatory marks are not to be addressed in this FAQ section!

What does "maximization of the probability of occurrence of a certain cognitive and social transformation by means of contextualized dissemination of certain information" mean in relation to Slovakia's 2016 Presidency of European Council?

It means that we consider as important to publicly and transparently inform the widest possible European public (including diverse journalists, diplomats, analysts etc.) about certain characteristic of the moral profile and domestic practices of men who were supposed to be guardians and protectors - from July 2016 until January 2017 - of one of main pillars of the European project.

Other objectives?

Turn towards new technologies (artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, nuclear fusion) and stimulation of Turkey's EU accession process and catalysis of Europe-wide response to refugee crisis which is consistent with three moral pillars (diversity, liberty, solidarity) upon which the Europe stands.

Other objectives are described in this presentation (use arrow keys or blank space to move between slides).

Why is the term "presently" marked in red font in the question above?

Because it aims to focus the reader's attention on another distinctive feature of dlogs: the aim of dlog does not lie in the present, it lies in the future.

We repeat: the objective of project is not to be sought for in the present, it is to be fully understood during the unfoldment of our common endless future.

Blogs are ephemeral, dlogs are perennial. Temporal interval during which an average blog attracts visitors is normally not more than few days. In case of dlog, the objective is to make such temporal delta as big as possible: by doing so, dlog's author increase the probability that log's contents shall get, indeed, inscribed onto pages of History. Blogs are not more than virtual pamphlets predestined to be forgotten. Dlogs are time capsules.

How does the statement "dlogs are perennial" apply upon the sk2016eu project?

Simply: our aim is to guarantee that this data repository shall still be easily accessible decades after the last bit of information shall be inserted into SK PRES 2016 dlog on 23:59:23 31st December 46A.E.

As such, it shall aim to stay online as long as possible as a sort of memorial for future generations - a memorial about Slovakia and Europe and a sort of time capsule informing future datasphere archeologues about pride, ignorance and lack of education of some people who got into position of governing our beautiful country and our wonderful continent.

What is Your budget?

Acquistion of domains and cost 3 euros each. And we pay 4.99 EUR per month for hosting at German hosting company 1&1.

Is this propaganda?

Is The Thinker propaganda?

How comes that Google ranks You so high?

If it bothers You, then try to ask Larry & Sergey. Do not forget to add a nice round stamp with red ink to Your request.

And if it does not bother You but You are simply curious, then read the 2010 paper to initiate Yourself into Pagerank problematics.

Is this a bad joke?

No it is not. If joke it is, then definitely as good as one can potentially imagine.

Medium is the message.Marshall McLuhan

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