English Transcription of Slovak PM's Antirefugee Oratory

A new video with english subtitles has been recently added to sk16.eu's youtube channel. It is a record of an oratory of Slovak Prime Minister Judr. Robert Fico which had been given in August 2015 in Banska Bystrica during a ceremony commemorating the most heroic event in modern Slovak history: Slovak National Upheaval against the nazi Slovak state.

As may be seen in the video:

Slovak PM Fico had exploited the ceremony to bring strong antirefugee claims into his pre-electoral campaign. Hence he devoted approx. four minutes to the topic of Slovak 2nd WW partisans in order to subsequently devote approx. seven minutes to presentation of his own personal xenophobic views as "truth".

In those seven minutes, doctor Fico repeatedly labels refugees as "threat" and instead of speaking about traumatised children in need (note that his speech does not contain the word "child" at all) he repeatedly uses the term "economic speculant", "smuggler" or "weapon merchants". A more cautious observer may notice even such statements as: "We invite merchants with death and smugglers to further commercial activities.", "I do not see any sank boats, "We shall not resolve the migration crisis problem in Pandorf." or "country must have a right to choose a human for whom it can really care".

At last but not least, an ultimate anti-integration argument is given by a statement: "we are not even able to integrate our Roma co-citizens of which we have hundreds of thousands". This all said by a man holding the highest executive office for the longest period in Slovak history.

More empiric discourse analysis is currently underway in order to determine whether this Fico's talk (and many others which have followed in a similiar vein) had potentially breached §423 and/or §424 of Slovak Penal Code. If yes, an official accusation shall follow and sk16.eu readers shall be first ones to be informed about it. And if not, we consider it nonetheless quite important to inform European audience about domestic profile of the Prime Minister of a country which shall assume, in less than 2 months, responsability for its historically first Presidency of Council of European Ministers. (See the english translation of the transcript.)

Slovak ex PM elucidates three European pillars of Slovak institutions

This is the second part of an informal interview with Slovak ex Prime Minister, professor Iveta Radicova. In this video, she addresses the question: "Do Slovak institutions behave like European ones ?" with enumeration of three principles which Slovak Republic aspires to share with Europe:

  • human dignity (interconnected with human rights)
  • equal treatement (and antidiscrimination)
  • democratic rule of Law

First part of interview is accessible here and other videos shall follow on sk16 subproject osveta.

sk16 congratulates Wendelstein 7-x architects on occasion of the Europe's hottest sterellator hydrogen plasma

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel switched on the first hydrogen plasma on 3 February 2016 at a ceremony attended by numerous guests from the realms of science and politics. This moment marked the start of scientific operation of Wendelstein 7-X, Europe's most powerful fusion reactor of a sterellator type which shall hopefully lead towards solutions able to cover mankind's growing energy without failing necessary climate goals.

Islam is not a violent religion

This video is principially dedicated to those parts of Slovak audience (including non-negligeable parts of contemporary slovak government and parliament) who are unable to distinguish Arabs from Persians or Sufi masters from Taliban. Slovak subtitles by Jan Gordulic.

Slovak ex Prime Minister answers the question: Is Slovakia in the EU?

First person interviewed for sk16.eu project was first woman Prime Minister of Slovakia (from 2010 to 2012), professor Iveta Radicova. In this video, she answers a seemingly trivial question: "Is Slovakia in European Union ?".

Stay tuned for more answers from prof. Radicova & excuse us the low quality of the signal. (We haven't even started yet).

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